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Best Techniques for Bulk SMS Marketing in 2019

Bulk SMS Marketing gets a large fan following due to its fast and successful viewership among customers. Marketers and advertisers consider it as the swiftest technique to spread the business messages among existing clients and potential clients. When done right, this marketing technique can generate significant results as well as revenue for the business. Millions of business use Bulk SMS marketing to deliver promotional messages, personalized offers or brand awareness campaigns all over the globe. Bulk SMS Marketing increases the business ROI.

Let us a take a look at Bulk SMS marketing tips that you must focus in 2019 to achieve significant results:

Keep SMS Simple

You have around 160 characters to convey the message. However, shorter is certainly better but simultaneously, you should never be too direct. Choose your words carefully and get to the point straight away instead of making the recipient ponder over many things. Once the message is direct, the recipient’s will be able to process actions faster to make quick decisions.

Right Timing to send SMS

Sending your SMS at the right time will ensure that your audience will see it as spam free. Though finding the right time may require A/B testing methods, the trial and error method will help you identify cues to success.

Ensure that you never send a SMS too early or too late in the night. Define your campaign objectives, the purpose of the SMS campaign as per the target audience and then choose to send the message. Weekends are always a good time to remind and recall recipients about specific personalized offers Bulk SMS is the world’s most cheap, safe and secure way to communicate a message to a large set of audience worldwide.

Timing is important while sending Bulk SMS

It’s important to pay attention when you send messages as most people open Text SMS messages immediately.

Use a shortening service for links

Don’t forget to use a link shortening service such as or Google’s link shortened in your bulk SMS campaigns.

Customers sign up should be mandatory

Communicate and make a list of customers who have ‘signed in’ for bulk message service from your company.

Don’t be a spam be careful on sending SMS

Never use irrelevant promotional text messages on personal phone numbers of customers. This will increase their trust in you.

Always Use an easy messaging format

The availability of characters in SMS Marketing is only 157 characters- which mean you have to keep things specific & simple.

Use “call-to-action”

Making “call-to-action” (CTA) in every sentence is another thing to do, for example: “Sign up today and receive 50 free SMS.

Use a shortening service for links

Don’t forget to use a link shortening service such as or Google’s link shortened in your bulk SMS campaigns.

Generate a sense of urgency

When you are sending this sort of SMS, make sure that you add an expiry date to the offers or discounts that you are promising. This will create a sense of urgency among the customers which in return will generate great results for you.

Make proper use of keywords

Keywords can be very helpful if you are trying to grow the list of customers. Encourage the customers by using the keywords to opt in for your offers and grow your customer list.

Acquire good knowledge about your recipients

To obtain best results from your SMS marketing campaign, you need to have proper knowledge about your recipients like their age, gender and preferences such that you can customize your messages in a way to interest them.

Never overdo it

One of the main things that you need to do is to manage your contacts properly to ensure you do not end up sending the same SMS. Keeping the communication fresh will help you to achieve success from the campaign.

Thus, bulk SMS marketing services are the most inexpensive and successful method to intend your prospective clients on mobile anywhere they are. As of campaign setup to SMS scheduling, and from delivering to reporting, an accessible dashboard performs it all with some clicks. Also, customized SMS marketing plans help you in promoting your product or business to your national and global clients with simplicity.

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