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What is E-Mail Marketing and How can Elevate Your Business: Bulk Email Marketing Explained

Email Marketing- a vibrant and powerful marketing platform ever since the internet has come into existence. Email marketing has become very popular over the ages due to its versatile nature and vast use by businesses. It is the most useful in connecting with the audience, nurturing the new leads, and retaining the lost customers.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a type of marketing strategy where emails are used as content to promote products and services. Besides advertising, this marketing also helps businesses maintaining a healthy relationship with their audience, boosts sales and business revenue. 

It is also a way of keeping your customers informed about your brand presence by means of sharing information regarding new product launches, sales, offers, or conducting a survey. Email marketing assists to build trust between the audience and businesses.

Types of Email marketing-

There are different types of email marketing for different purposes. Let’s see a few of the most common and used by all organization email marketing types-

Email Newsletter– This type of email marketing is more popular and sent on a daily basis to keep the business name at the top of the minds of customers. These emails contain popular content of the companies, upcoming events, information about discounts, new offers, or a link for feedback and survey, etc.

Welcome Email– When a customer signs up for the first time to a website, they immediately receive a mail welcoming them. This email marketing type is compelling and gives customers a friendly gesture to build trust between them. This type of email marketing shows better click-through rates.

Feedback Email– This email marketing mainly aims at collecting feedback from customers after they purchase a product or opt-in for a service. This process makes a business trustworthy and also satisfied the customers to know their opinion.

Transactional Email– This email shares the notification about customer’s payments, shipment information, order tracking, important information related to an action they completed on a business’s website.

Lead Nurturing Email– Before a lead gets converted into a customer, trust needs to be built. These emails involve guiding the leads through sales converting them into potential customers. This email marketing helps in building a good relationship between customers and the brand.

Re-engagement Email– These emails help in maintaining the lost connection with customers or reactivates the inactive customers by reminding them with personalized content.

Promotional Email– These emails are for promoting the new launches of products or services, highlighting the new features of an existing product, sales, discounts, ongoing events, etc.

Benefits of Email Marketing for a business-

Email marketing helps to reach your right customers at the right time and stay connected with your customers. It is very effective in converting a lead into a potential customer. 

Email marketing has the highest ROI than the other advertising channel. 

One of the biggest advantages of email marketing is it allows to use of automated emails to reduce manual workload for future usage and it is time-saving. 

Most email marketing tools help in tracking what happens after the mail has been sent out for a campaign. You can track delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rates, click-through rates & open rates, etc. 

Email marketing is very helpful to build awareness for your brand among the audience.

 It allows your businesses to reach a large number of customers in an inexpensive, effective, and easy way. 

It allows the touch of personalization and segment the email content based on the customers’ interests which boosts customer engagement. 

Email marketing generates more website traffic by sharing the right information with your targeted customer base. It is the fastest way to deliver your company’s message to the customers. 

Also, emails are easy to share or forward. While using email advertising, your business can include a Call-to-action button directing to your website. 

Emails are a permission-based marketing strategy. Your customers who are genuinely interested in your brand can choose to receive emails. 

This process does not lead your business emails to end up in spam.

Email Marketing is a powerful and flexible marketing platform. One of the greatest advantages of using email marketing is that it allows businesses to send targeted messages to their potential leads. It is a versatile communication channel that fits all types of businesses which allows a business to reach and engage with its crowd.

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