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How SMS Marketing Can Help Schools and Colleges?

Educational institutions can send marketing messages and advertise themselves. Sending bulk SMS is a cheap and effective marketing tool which does not even require the internet connection. The education industry is also the type of business and in business, you have to generate leads. With the help of bulk messages, institutions can market themselves among the wide audience. They can generate awareness about the courses they are offering, fee structure and other related information that students may find relevant.

For running successful schools or colleges, a good communication is a key. It is important for the educational institutions to share vital information with the parents and guardians when necessary.

The traditional methods of sending a notification to the parents are not as reliable as the post sends to the address can be often delayed, received too late or intercepted by the students

Bulk SMS Marketing can Help Schools/Colleges to deliver SMS fast to parents. Email has also a disadvantage that they can be read too late or they can be blocked by the spam filter. So bulk SMS is the best tool for communication with the parents.

The introduction of mobile technology has bridged the communication gap among parents and educational institution.

University, college, school or preschool and nurseries, every institution is using SMS service to convey their messages to parents or guardians.

Parents lead a busy schedule in the office as well as the household. So, it is natural for them to forget the important school meetings, events, and schedules. SMS is a flexible platform where parents and teachers can meet.


There is some reason where Bulk SMS can be used frequently in schools and colleges:

Attendance Reports: Students often bunk class and parents are unaware of this fact. Through Bulk SMS schools and colleges can send attendance report directly to their parents very easily. This will also make the institution look more responsible and professional.

Students Results: This can help in keeping a check on the students who try to hide the results from their parents. Sending the result report summary through Bulk SMS of each student can help the parents in analyzing the performance of their children.

Internal communication: Sending SMS is not only bridging the gap between the parents and teachers but it also helps in the internal communication of the staff members. Big institution having more than hundred of staff it will be difficult to send main circular or notification to each and everyone using Bulk SMS will be useful for nonteaching staff in the institutions.

Getting Feedbacks: Sending the simple Bulk SMS and asking the students and teachers to give a rating to the institution is the best way to know what the masses are thinking about your organization, valuable feedback helps in improving the organization. School, colleges and the other educational institutions can make use of Bulk SMS service for the feedback and carry out the surveys.

Sending Remainders: Bulk SMS services can be used by school/college to send the remainders about registrations, assignments, deadlines, closing dates of the submissions, last date of admission and many more.

Handling Queries: Bulk SMS can also be used by the institution to inform the students about the new rules, events, campus renovation etc.. This is a cost-effective as well as time-saving technique to handle the student’s queries. Short codes and USSD codes can help the students and parents to get their queries answered.

Homework’s: Students often skip homework as they find the homework boring. The best way to ensure that students do their homework on time is to inform the parents about homework. Bulk SMS will be very helpful for both institution and parents because through this parents can come to know daily assignments.

Fees Remainder: SMS service can also be used to inform the students and parents about the fee structure, late fees reminder etc. Bulk SMS plays very important role in fees reminder it will be very useful to parents to know about fees payment last date.

Event Notification: Inform students and parents of any events you are holding. SMS can be used to create a buzz around an event and remind students when the date is fast approaching.

Bulk SMS is a great way to build a communication platform between the parents and teachers. Bulk SMS can be a great way to handle queries, sending reminders of the students. This reduces the communication gap and helps in better interaction. Bulk SMS also create positive image to school and colleges in the society.

SMS is a cost-effective tool that numerous businesses are reaping the benefits from. The education sector can also benefit from SMS messaging services.

Almost every child in full-time education has online access in one form or another. The majority own a Smartphone. Schools can use SMS to better interact with students in a direct and informative way. It helps you get important messages across immediately

SMS is a highly flexible and cost-effective tool that can significantly improve the running of educational institutions and give parents peace of mind that their children are in safe hands. Students won’t have an excuse for missing classes, events and deadlines either. Bulk SMS is the key to maintain healthy relationship with parents and management. Bulk SMS is the base for ultimate growth.

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